SEO vs PPC Advertising

NOTICE: Google is now using Hummingbird Search Engine Optimization algorithms. Meta tags and other old methods of raising your websites relevance are obsolete. – rpm 11/15/13

First let me say that InVenia Design (IVD) offers both Basic and advanced SEO services. We offer fixed prices for our SEO services while Pay Per Click or PPC services have a base fee plus PPC fees that will be charged to your credit card.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is considered the holy grail of website marketing. It is one of the few ways to get traffic to your website for FREE. Compared to Pay Per Click or other types of paid advertising efforts, the top 10 links on the search results page are free every time someone clicks the link.

Studies show that almost 80% of users click on the organic links compared to only 20% who click on the paid links. Keep in mind that you don’t pay each time someone clicks these SEO links.

iProspect’s study shows that most people, 62% never clicked past the 1st page of results. And only 28% ever click on a result on page 2 or 3 of the search results. This statistic has probably become even more biased to the 1st page of results now that users are searching for longer phrases with up to 5-6 words in their phrase. The result is that the search results are more specific and more accurate so there is no need to go to the 2nd page.

Some level of SEO is essential to your web business. We provide basic SEO services with the development of your website but there is more to it! If you want to achieve first page rankings continual work, such as SEO registration, building links, directory listing registration and directory listing entries, have to be maintained. These services result in invaluable additional basic and monthly fees that pay for themselves over and over by keeping your 24/7 business in front of the potential customers looking for you on the web.

Why PPC?

A well structured Pay Per Click campaign allows a website to rapidly gain targeted traffic. With rapid increase in traffic comes a jump in conversions as well. PPC helps your site bite the traffic pie that allows your ROI to grow exponentially.

PPC allows websites to advertise on relevant pages throughout the internet. With ads on the display network, ensure that you are seen at  relevant websites on the internet and build a brand online.

While this type of advertising is effective it comes with a cost! If you are a web hosting provider (like IVD) you can be paying $5 – $25 per click to be on the front page because there is so much competition. Depending on your profit margins this type of competitive advertising may not be for you. However, if you sell or provide something unique you may be able to get at the top of the first search page for only five to twenty five cents per click.

What is our recommendation?

Start with basic SEO. Move to an advanced SEO plan if basic SEO is not working. If you are still not getting the hits you are expecting on your website consider going to a PPC plan.

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