Free Web Hosting?

Free website services are typically unreliable.  Your site may be up for a week and down for two.  If your website is down, they don’t care.  Why should they?  You aren’t paying them anything. 

Also, they can shut down at any time.  Nothing is worse than spending hours creating and promoting a website and then have it just be gone. 

That’s not all.  You have no control over what advertising they put on your site.  Think pop ups are annoying?  So do your visitors.  Would you go back to a site that has a pop up when you enter, when you go to another page and when you leave?  Neither will your visitors. 

Even some of the low end pay sites advertise on your web pages. You don’t want to subject yourself or your potential customers to this, do you?

Another reason that free websites aren’t good is that they hurt you in the search engines.  The higher you get in the search engines the more visitors you will get to your site.  Most search engines put pay domain names ahead of the freebie ones so if you have a freebie one you are going to be further down the search engines.

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