Hosting Costs

Hosting costs vary depending on many options.

A standard, shared php (standard non-Windows) hosting service with  a control panel, with free add-on applets, should only cost $99-$120/yr.  An environment like this is more than suitable for most small business requirements. Ninety percent of InVenia’s customers fall into this category.

A comparable Windows ASP/.Net site will start around $120-$150/yr. because of the extra costs to run the Microsoft products that support the environment. The other ten percent of InVenia’s customers fall into this category.

These costs will include an adequate number of email accounts, basic support and 99+ percent up time throughout the year and will require little to no maintenance on the user’s part. 

Other add-on services, such as extra databases, installation fees, and extended support fees, may apply for those users who are customizing their web site.

It is very rare, these days, to pay extra for mailboxes, disk space and I/O. Large businesses that have extraordinary needs pay extra for these services.

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  1. morebob says:

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  2. Hawsar says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been wrnikog/studying in WordPress this last year and a half and love the endless possibilities! Are you familiar with the buddypress plugin or MarketPress? I know that probably isn’t a feature many would need or if you’ve used this much but I have been researching and designing a few sites and could use some help when you have time after switching over your current clients.

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